25 November 2013

Try Swedish

Wendy invited me along to the Try Swedish masterclass, hosted by Gizzi Erskine and Edd Kimber. I reluctantly admit that before tonight, I knew very little about Swedish cuisine. However this event certainly opened my eyes to this nation’s food, drink and lifestyle.

Sweden has certainly jumped up a number of places on my wanderlust list.

Before we stepped into the kitchen, we were greeted with a cocktail and some nibbles. The Snälleröds Jungfrun with coriander and cucumber was served with ice from the Torne River – the same that they use for the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel. The reindeer with Kalix bleak roe, quail egg and horseradish on toast was definitely memorable, as well as the oysters.

TrySwedish 01TrySwedish 02TrySwedish 03

In the kitchen, we were placed in different groups to prepare various courses. My group cooked smoked char (an Arctic fresh water fish) from Börtnan with pea purée, browned butter, grilled salad, Maximus cheese from Klövsjö and pickled onion.

TrySwedish 04TrySwedish 05TrySwedish 06TrySwedish 07TrySwedish 08

That magic moment when the smoked char was released.

TrySwedish 09TrySwedish 10TrySwedish 11TrySwedish 12TrySwedish 13

While my group worked on the smoked char dish, the other half of the kitchen were preparing a wonderful tartar of langoustines and oysters from Orust Shellfish with mussels and (a delightful addition) apple.

TrySwedish 14TrySwedish 15TrySwedish 16TrySwedish 17

Soon everyone was buzzing to sit down and eat what we’d all helped to prepare. We were treated to some Swedish beer, a wine made from a tree (really!), and port from Hällåkra vineyard to accompany three blue cheeses from Soldattorpet and Vilhelmsdals.

TrySwedish 18TrySwedish 19TrySwedish 20TrySwedish 21TrySwedish 22TrySwedish 23

A mouth-watering evening was finished off perfectly with apple crumble and a sweet dessert wine.

TrySwedish 24TrySwedish 25

My hat off to Try Swedish and Aveqia Cooking School for a brilliant evening, and I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone.

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  1. Hi Charlotte, lovely review, could you please, link us to our website if possible http://www.aveqia.co.uk.
    Thank you


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