This weekend, I was invited to the Spanish restaurant ‘Ametsa with Arzak Instruction’ to celebrate their recent awards of three Rosettes and a Michelin star. We were treated to champagne, the set menu and a warm welcome from the staff. Aside from the well thought-out and photogenic dishes, the friendly service was what stood out for us.

Our selection of tapas began with pumpkin soup with mandarin and mackarel:

AmetsaArzak 01

Really loved this tuna and figs salad. The fish was cooked just right, and I particularly liked the sharpness of the redcurrants:

AmetsaArzak 02

Black ink squid served in its ink:

AmetsaArzak 03

Iberico ham plate:

AmetsaArzak 04 AmetsaArzak 05

For mains, we had the cod ‘pil pil’ style with black trompets and seaweed, and the lamb with coconut chutney (with a smooth Vina Alberdi 2006 Rioja):

AmetsaArzak 06 AmetsaArzak 07

The Halkin Hotel is a beautiful location for this charming restaurant. I definitely recommend it for a subtle and balanced Spanish lunch.

AmetsaArzak 08

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