I still vividly remember my first visit to Sticks n Sushi when they opened their first London restaurant in Wimbledon, and was ecstatic when they invited me to the soft launch of their Covent Garden space. Sticks n Sushi are a Danish restaurant group serving an extensive collection of high-quality and innovative dishes, with a focus on sushi and yakitori (grilled sticks). Let me firstly say that their menu is probably the most beautiful one I’ve seen. To start, we had the grilled edamame with supreme soy, and both a Kirin and a Sticks n Biiru Black beer – their own brew.

SticksNSushiCG 01 SticksNSushiCG 02

The sashimi mix was divine, as was the favourite dish from my first visit – the Hell’s Kitchen rolls (tempura shrimp, avocado, spicy sauce, tuna and BBQ sauce).

SticksNSushiCG 03 SticksNSushiCG 04

We were particularly impressed with these soft shell crab rolls. The amount of crunch was perfect, the balance of light ingredients was very well thought-out, and it complimented the yuzu-infused soy so well.

SticksNSushiCG 05 SticksNSushiCG 06

I have raved about these Ebi bites (tempura shrimp, chilli, coriander, pepper, miso aïoli and lime) before. Once again they did not disappoint!

SticksNSushiCG 07

This dish was new to me – the rib-eye steak marinaded in Japanese BBQ sauce, served with crispy lotus and kimchi. Though it was extremely well made, we both preferred the sushi dishes, but I think that is just a personal preference and that this beef will still go down a treat with diners. For yakitori, we chose the chicken meatballs and the scallops wrapped in bacon.

SticksNSushiCG 08 SticksNSushiCG 09 SticksNSushiCG 10 SticksNSushiCG 11

Dessert was the four tasters – vanilla ice-cream with sesame nougatine, crème brûlée, dark chocolate with caramel and toasted sesame, and chocolate fondant with hazelnut and caramel brittle.

SticksNSushiCG 12 SticksNSushiCG 13

Sticks n Sushi is located on Henrietta Street right next to Covent Garden Market. The space itself has been renovated (almost unrecognisable from its previous owner Walkabout) and the interior looks incredible. I hope to go back for lunch soon, and will take the opportunity to photograph what it looks like during the day. The official opening is tomorrow – and I don’t think you’ll regret a visit!

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