10 September 2013


Recently I was invited to attend a smartphone food photography workshop, led by David Griffen and hosted by Lima, a concept restaurant in central London presenting Peruvian food in a contemporary style. 

My nearest and dearest are sufficiently well-trained to know not to touch their food in a restaurant until I am finished photographing the dishes and their environment. But over the last few years, this routine has shifted away from snapping with my bulky DSLR. Now I shoot 99% of all my restaurant (and indeed home-made) food photography using my iPhone 4S. My apps of choice for editing are Snapseed and VSCOcam. Though I am an avid Instagrammer, I hardly ever use their restrictive filters – though I could be swayed if the app develops a ‘filter strength’ slider.

Here are some of my snaps from the evening, all taken with my iPhone:

Lima 01 Lima 02 Lima 03

It was great to meet an industry pro and a gathering of similar-minded food bloggers and photographers. When the first course came out, no-one touched their food for at least 5 minutes!

Lima 04

Here are my top tips (combined with some picked up from David Griffen):

  • It’s all about the light. As natural, ambient and plentiful as is feasible.
  • Don’t forget to try different angles. Move the dishes on the table around… and move around yourself!
  • If you don’t mind a few looks from strangers, consider carrying a mini collapsible reflector to make the most out of the light you have.
  • Think about cutlery, backgrounds and other features as much as the food itself.
  • If the light is very dim, try balancing your smartphone in a wineglass and use the self-timer to eliminate any shake.

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  1. that last photo is hilarious!


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