Last week, I was invited to attend an evening of sake-tasting and sushi-making hosted by Inamo, the pan-Asian restaurant on Regent Street. 

SakeSushi 01 SakeSushi 02

While I do like sake, I can’t claim to know much about it. The masterclass was very informative. We tasted it both hot and cold… I’ve decided that I definitely like mine hot.

SakeSushi 03 SakeSushi 04 SakeSushi 05

The other unique selling point about Inamo is its incredible interactive tables. You can order everything using these touch-sensitive tables, including food that projects onto your plate so you can see what you’re getting. Alternatively you can order a taxi, switch the camera to see what the chefs are cooking, or even change the virtual tablecloth pattern.

SakeSushi 06 SakeSushi 07

I love sushi, but this was my first attempt at making it. I constructed a plate of nigiri and uramaki with tuna, salmon and yellow tail. And how did they turn out? Let’s just call my style “hedious but delicious”. Here is how it is supposed to be done:

SakeSushi 08 SakeSushi 09 SakeSushi 10 SakeSushi 11

Many thanks to Inamo and Sauce PR for hosting a fun evening.

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  1. I love inamo! If you ever have friends visiting you in London it’s a great fun place to take them – my American friends love it!


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