28 February 2013

French Macarons

I always knew that French macarons were intimidatingly difficult to make; little did I know just how much precision and experience it would take to create a successful batch! 

OnCookingMacarons 01

Giulia and I went to a macaron-making class at On Cookery Club, taught by Loretta Liu (who has been schooled in classical French cooking by the likes of Pierre Gagnaire, Frederic Bau and Alain Ducasse). Not only did we begin to learn about technique, but Loretta also taught us about the importance of really understanding your ingredients and equipment.

OnCookingMacarons 02

I am rather pleased with how my little yellow French macarons turned out but – as Loretta warned us – trying this in our own kitchens will be a whole different journey. Even seasonal changes will affect the success of a batch! I have so much more to learn…

OnCookingMacarons 03

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. they look gorgeous & delicious :)

  2. Probably not something I will make again anytime soon, as it requires too much patience…but I think that once you learn the technique, they are “not too” difficult and certainly make a great impression on friends! ;)

  3. such a pretty capture!! :)

  4. My coworker uses a circular stencil under the baking sheet so they are come out the same size. Yours look delicious!

  5. omg i miss macarons! your photos are spectacular – love how clean and simple they are :)

  6. […] my friend Charlotte, I purchased a Groupon deal to Loretta Liu's class at On Cookery School in Clapham. The […]


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