20 February 2013

LDN with the Contax

I can’t get enough of exploring London with the Contax 645! Too bad I can barely afford it. Developing film is a killer. 

ContaxLDN 01 ContaxLDN 02 ContaxLDN 03 ContaxLDN 04 ContaxLDN 05ContaxLDN 06 ContaxLDN 07 ContaxLDN 08 ContaxLDN 09 ContaxLDN 10

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  1. You are so good at it! Great photos! :)

  2. lovely photos!! i really like the color and the focus in your photos! :)

  3. Hi Charlotte, out of curiosity, what’s the restaurant in the middle (mirror and exposed brick)? Looks nice.

  4. i know how you feel. but i loved seeing london through your lens. now i really want to visit…

  5. gorgeous photos, love the colours

  6. Charlotte these are simply wonderful, atmospheric, joyful and above all they tell a story. I know what you mean about developing film, it is a killer in the UK. I suppose a pop up darkroom is needed with low running costs…..now there’s a thought. I hope you have a great weekend as I am inspired to take my Leica R8 out for a spin..on Saturday.

  7. Great set – I was on the southbank recently and spotted those colourful paintings outside the Mexican restaurant too.


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