15 February 2013

Our First Date

It has been a long time since I showed the Contax some love. I’ve finally been on my first photowalk of 2013, and sent off my first batch of film to the lab. This included a few captures from our first date! Shot on the Contax 645 using Fujicolor Pro 400H film and a 80mm f2 lens. We sat on the pavement of Columbia Street Flower Market and listened to the hypnotising voice of Brooke Sharkey.

FirstDate 01

We wandered through East London, stopping wherever we felt like it. Spitalfields City Farm, Brick Lane, Pizza East, a random cider festival…

FirstDate 02 FirstDate 03

Before I knew it, a brunch date had turned into 14 hours together. And the rest, I suppose, is history. Since I can’t get enough of the vibrant sights of this part of London, here are a few more shots I took with my iPhone.

FirstDate 04 FirstDate 05 FirstDate 06

Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. I love your work, your envisioning.

  2. gorgeous, I love that first shot

  3. Wonderful ! and how I miss this part of London. I am really due a visit… Have a great week regards, James


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