29 January 2013

A Fishy Weekend

Finally hit up Billingsgate Fish Market! I’d wanted to go for years, but never mustered the strength to get up before 5am on a Saturday. We scored three lobsters, clams, a red snapper, oysters, smoked haddock, and a 3.5kg hake named Jake:

FishyWeekend 01

Dinner was, predictably, rather fish-focused. We started with fresh oysters.

FishyWeekend 02

Then toast topped with Gentlemen’s Relish, smoked haddock, baby spinach and poached eggs.

FishyWeekend 03

Next came a soup of hake, clams and chorizo.

FishyWeekend 04

After all of that, we actually didn’t have any room for the grilled lobsters! So it went into a lobster linguine lunch the following day (see my Instagram shot).

FishyWeekend 05

…but there is always room for dessert, aka my strawberry and passionfruit mini cheesecakes.

FishyWeekend 06

Next on the wishlist is Smithfield Market for fresh meat and poultry. Though that one opens for trading at 3am – gulp!

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Oh man, this looks ridiculous. I want it all.

  2. Hiya
    I was wondering how much the fish and prawns where at the market. I am so into fish and just movin to London but want to know if I can afford to eat fish all the time.

    Also when does the fish market close

    • Hi (sorry for the delayed response!) the fish and prawns are definitely cheaper than from the supermarket. The market is open Tues-Sat 4am to 9:30am, but I think the good stuff was mostly gone by 8am.


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