15 November 2012

One Night in Singakong

A wonderful night of dishes from Singapore and Hong Kong hosted by Jason and Cherry at School Of Wok. Each dish was clearly made with love. The authenticity was undeniable. 

SchoolOfWok 01 SchoolOfWok 02 SchoolOfWok 03

Soy sauce-marinated eggs with salmon roe:

SchoolOfWok 04

Tofu with pickled vegetables in a carrot and mushroom broth:

SchoolOfWok 05

The ngor hiang meatballs were my favourite:

SchoolOfWok 06

Drunken chicken with goji berries:

SchoolOfWok 07

The bak kut teh broth with pork ribs and crispy dough sticks was sensational:

SchoolOfWok 08

Steamed sea bass:

SchoolOfWok 09

Cereal prawns (so damn good):

SchoolOfWok 10

Triple-cooked pork belly with preserved vegetables:

SchoolOfWok 11

Mango, pomelo and sago in coconut milk:

SchoolOfWok 12

Palm sugar pancakes with banana sauce:

SchoolOfWok 13

Definitely check out their supper-clubs (+65 and FedByTang) if you’re in London!


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  1. great photos! super glad you enjoyed the dinner and thanks for promoting plusixfive at the end, yay hope to see you soon again (:

  2. what a lovely term “singakong’ its also like the name I imagine King Kongs show-biz child might have

  3. your post made me so hungry. ;)

  4. Thanks a lot for coming to our Sunday Feast Charlotte! The photos are amazing! Hope to see you at FedByTang soon!

  5. […] (they’re pretty poor I know, sorry) from the evening. To see some better images jump over to Charlotte Hu’s blog, (one of my dining-table companions that night) and salivate over her lovely photos from the […]


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