23 August 2012


I first heard about Wok+Wine from friends in San Francisco. I’ve been waiting for a year for them to hit up London again, and am ecstatic they finally did. The concept is brilliant – 40 strangers sharing 40lbs of jumbo prawns and 40 bottles of wine. What’s not to love? 

WoknWine 01 WoknWine 02 WoknWine 03 WoknWine 04

It was slightly tortuous having to wait for the prawns to cool down. I can assure you, the smell from the wok and the table was heavenly. Peter gave us a demonstration of how to eat prawns correctly: Rip. Lick. Bite. Suck.

WoknWine 05 WoknWine 06

Wok+Wine take the time to scope out the most inspiring places. In the past, they’ve used everywhere from an abandoned library in Auckland to a hair salon in Vancouver. Tonight was hosted in The Hub Islington. The Hub is such an incredible co-working space. My accountancy college is literally across the street… how did I not know this place existed? I wish I worked from home, just so I could come work here!

WoknWine 07 WoknWine 08 WoknWine 09 WoknWine 10 WoknWine 11WoknWine 12 WoknWine 13

Great crowd, great food, and some delicious limoncello to end a great night.

WoknWine 14

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  1. OMG I’m from London, UK – when’s the next one? Can anyone come along?! I’d love to come!

  2. That looks delicious Charlotte. Such a great time and you’ve captured it nicely :D

  3. Great photos!

  4. Great photos!

  5. Great photos! I was there & you’ve captured the mood perfectly – what a great night :)

  6. OMG, Jia would have gone mad (she loves prawns and seafood in general!) You’ve introduced me to the most amazing things, Char!

  7. Wow, such beautiful images of the event and our space! Magical photos of a magical evening. Thanks for your kind words about the HUB. We wish you could work here too!


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