So I finally sent off my first 3 rolls of 120 film to be developed, and… I like most of the exposures! I was so nervous that every single shot would be horribly over- or under-exposed. Happy bunny right here. 

ContaxFirst 01 ContaxFirst 02 ContaxFirst 03 ContaxFirst 04 ContaxFirst 05

Apparently it’s possible to create a quadruple-exposure shot. I did not know that, but somehow I did one…

ContaxFirst 06 ContaxFirst 07 ContaxFirst 08 ContaxFirst 09


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  1. wow gorgeous photos! the contax 645 has been on my wishlist for ages and your photos are pushing me to try it :) the bokeh on that thing is amazing. can’t wait to see more of your work with the contax :)

  2. Well worth the wait for this camera, absolutely lovely collection of images and for me the first image with its different perspective and depth of field stands out among many others. Look forward o seeing more

  3. gorgeous photos, love the first landscape shot in the tunnel? hallway?

  4. love that quadruple shot! i would’ve thought it was a trick with windows or mirrors.

  5. Great work with your first few rolls Charlotte! That camera is such a beast.

  6. wow these are amazing! and no blurry shots either.
    Film is so terrifying. The colours are great. Love the self portrait (is it?)

  7. Charlotte, these are beautiful images!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I especially LOVE that picture of the bokeh’d up London Eye. Oh, and you totally just made me want to play around with my film camera :)


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