Food coma alert! Last night I attended the supper club hosted by Yummy Choo – a delicious Mauritian feast cooked up by Selina and her mother. 

YummyChoo 01 YummyChoo 02

Starters – aubergine gateau bringele (these were amazing), onion pakoras, gateaux piment, coriander satini chutney, and mango salad.

YummyChoo 03 YummyChoo 04 YummyChoo 05 YummyChoo 06

Mains – poulet cari curried chicken, prawn rougaille (my favourite), apple pickle, okra fricasse, chow chow, and rice.

YummyChoo 07 YummyChoo 08 YummyChoo 09

Desserts – flambé rum bananas with vanilla ice cream and pineapple custard mousse, Mauritian chai, and rum truffles.

YummyChoo 10 YummyChoo 11

Behind the scenes… check out that flame!

YummyChoo 12 YummyChoo 13

Thank you Selina and Mama Choo for a wonderful evening and my first introduction to delicious Mauritian cuisine.

Read more about Mauritian Creole Cuisine on Edible Experiences


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  1. So glad you tried Selina’s supperclub! Months later, it’s still one of my favourite supperclubs!

  2. mmm the margaritas look very delicious.

  3. love that flame picture! and the bokeh in some of these pics is just nuts — love it.

    looks like such a fun event. i wonder if there are supper clubs around here…

  4. LOVE the photography hun, glad you guys had a good feast! xx

  5. Selina is such a talent! The food looks incredible.

    Lovely photos too!

  6. wonderful photos & the food looks delicious

  7. Love the photos and the food looks delicious!

  8. Great photos! Love the bokeh lol


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