23 May 2012

Maltby Street

It is shameful how I’ve lived in London for 7 years without visiting Maltby Street market until now. As much as I like Borough Market, it’s just so busy all the time. By comparison Maltby is laid-back and quirkier. I love the deep tunnels… and it sure looks pretty with the patriotic flags out for the Jubilee!

MaltbySt 01 MaltbySt 02 MaltbySt 03 MaltbySt 04

Oh Bea’s, you so pretty…

MaltbySt 05 MaltbySt 06 MaltbySt 07

Hasslachers hot chocolate is so, so tasty.

MaltbySt 08 MaltbySt 09 MaltbySt 10

Wonderful jamon from Tozino:

MaltbySt 11 MaltbySt 12

Jason, Selina, Giulia and Dini – hi y’all.

MaltbySt 13

Join the conversation! 5 Comments

  1. mmmm looks like a sweet market

  2. looks like an awesome market, love the photos

  3. Terrific set of images I can really get the “flavour (excuse the pun) of the market

  4. Great scenes! Wish to try those jamon and broil scallops

  5. Love it! Why can’t we have places like that here? This looks so charming and eclectic.


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