Believe it or not, last week was National Doughnut Week. What better way to celebrate than with dreamy custard doughnuts from St John’s Bakery? So I met the Doughnut Gang (ha) on Saturday morning at Maltby Street market for breakfast.

DoughnutsPancakes 01 DoughnutsPancakes 02 DoughnutsPancakes 03 DoughnutsPancakes 04

Oh-ho-ho, there the beauties are!

DoughnutsPancakes 05 DoughnutsPancakes 06

The early risers of the foodie lot, Jason and Selina:

DoughnutsPancakes 07 DoughnutsPancakes 08

And Giulia. I have many photos of the Gang eating doughnuts, but I shall resist publicising them and losing friendships. Oh well, maybe just one…

DoughnutsPancakes 09

We then joined lots more foodies at Bea’s Of Bloomsbury for buttermilk pancakes and French toast. It felt like a big family breakfast, especially with the long wooden table.

DoughnutsPancakes 10 DoughnutsPancakes 11 DoughnutsPancakes 12 DoughnutsPancakes 13 DoughnutsPancakes 14DoughnutsPancakes 15 DoughnutsPancakes 16

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  1. oh YUM. i did not know it was donut week last week! would’ve been the perfect excuse to have a donut, guilt-free. ah well.

  2. I love Maltby Street. Did you go to the greengrocer?

    • I did not. But took many more photos (to be posted soon). Can’t believe this was my first time at Maltby! What have I been doing with my life..?

  3. mmm i love the colour and tone of these photos. Although I didn’t even know such a thing as donut week existed.

  4. “I shall resist publicising them and losing friendships. Oh well, maybe just one…” and of course the one was me! Ahaha, thank you for choosing me amongst the gang, I have perfected my doughnut-munching skills throughout the years, all leading up to this moment of fame! ;)
    Jokes aside, I love these photos, I am quite impressed by what you can achieve with just one lens!

    We need to organize another breakfast outing with the doughnut gang soon!

  5. those pancakes look divine

  6. Nice blog and great photography – thanks for sharing these!

  7. These look awesome! Oh, I *miss* donuts! Come visit and bring a few with you!


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