29 April 2012

London Coffee Festival

Yesterday I went to the London Coffee Festival in the Old Truman Brewery. There was so much to see, learn and taste… it was a little overwhelming! Too bad the lighting was awful for photos, but I did the best I could. 

LondonCoffee 01 LondonCoffee 02 LondonCoffee 03 LondonCoffee 04 LondonCoffee 05LondonCoffee 06 LondonCoffee 07 LondonCoffee 08 LondonCoffee 09

Look, it’s Siebe!

LondonCoffee 10 LondonCoffee 11 LondonCoffee 12 LondonCoffee 13 LondonCoffee 14

Join the conversation! 6 Comments

  1. Wow looks like a day of serious caffeine highs!

  2. I forgot! Sorry. x

  3. a coffee festival? that is my kind of place. looks so fun!

  4. HI Charlotte, lucky you as I make my own coffee!! Beautiful shots even though you didn’t like the light. Can’t tell. Carla

  5. your photos always look good.

  6. The Coffee Guerrilla stand was the best – those “make decent coffee” pillows and the wall papers! LOVE!


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