29 March 2012

Sticks N Sushi

Last night I tried out Wimbledon’s newest sushi restaurant, Sticks n Sushi. Loved it; seriously loved it. The restaurant has only been open a few weeks, and it was easy to see how it has gotten such great reviews. The decor was somehow both spacious and cosy (very Nordic!) and the staff were super-friendly.

SticksNSushi 01 SticksNSushi 02

The food centred mainly around yakitori (sticks) and sushi. I was curious about how Denmark and Japan would fuse together food-wise. The answer: splendidly.

SticksNSushi 03 SticksNSushi 04 SticksNSushi 05 SticksNSushi 06

These ebi bites were sensational:

SticksNSushi 07 SticksNSushi 08 SticksNSushi 09

The marcel chocolate cake with raspberry foam was a slice of heaven. Really. M wouldn’t let me talk to him until he finished his piece (“don’t you dare ruin this by talking!”)

SticksNSushi 10 SticksNSushi 11 SticksNSushi 12

Oh I will most definitely be back soon.

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. I got hazlenut ice cream with my marcel cake because I am extra special.

  2. Oh…the Marcel cake! Bet Sandy’s still upset that he ordered the half portion!! ;)

  3. omg… all of that looks delicious. especially the desserts.

  4. Absolutely stunning- I can’t wait to go and try it now. You’re photos are beautiful.

  5. Love the colours! It has officially made me want sushi. On the double!

  6. I’m normally not a big fan of sushi, but these look really delicious! And the desserts, yep, would definitely try those!


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