12 February 2012

Union Jacks

K made me swim in the outdoor pool on this fine 3°C morning, so today’s lunch was well-deserved! After 50 laps, we pigged out at Jamie Oliver’s new venture – Union Jacks – which serves flatbread pizzas with a British twist. 

UnionJacks 01 UnionJacks 02

I had the Old Spot (roast shoulder of pig, quince & Bramley sauce, Cropwell Bishop Stilton, crackling & watercress) with a lovely fresh ginger beer. And for dessert, 3 scoops of home-made ice cream – Earl Grey tea, Snickers and sticky toffee.

UnionJacks 03 UnionJacks 04

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  1. I walked past it a few weeks ago and been meaning to go back ever since. I know it’s basically like eating in a chain and I was not impressed by Jamie’s Italian before, but still…it looks so cute and colourdful! I am sure I will try it sooner or later! :)


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