5 February 2012

Gelato with Giulia

After years of Flickr-ing and months of Twitter-ing, today I finally met the lovely Giulia! Naturally, we geeked out over both food and photography. I took her to Top Of The Town for dim sum, then she introduced me to La Gelatiera

What a gorgeous little place. The flavours are innovative – saffron, pistachio and rose; honey, rosemary and orange zest; chocolate sorbet with chilli… The owner clearly puts his heart and soul into each flavour. I want them all!

LaGelatiera 01 LaGelatiera 02 LaGelatiera 03 LaGelatiera 04 LaGelatiera 05LaGelatiera 06 LaGelatiera 07

Hi Giulia!

LaGelatiera 08 LaGelatiera 09

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. OMG I am featured on Charlotte’s blog!! I need to tell my mum! ;)

    Seriously, thanks so much for introducing me to dim sum and proper Chinese food! Let’s meet up for another the geeky date soon!

  2. Going to stalk London until I find that place…

  3. mmm, that gelati looks good

  4. Now Mum knows!!!! :)) I’ll add La Gelatiera to the endless list of places I definitely have to visit next time I come to London!!!

  5. It looks terrific and it makes me want to move back to London, but then I would miss living by the sea. Thanks for sharing this post

  6. I love the atmosphere of the daily life of people every day


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