29 January 2012

Brixton Village

I live within walking distance of Brixton Village. There’s really no excuse why I’d not explored it before, but now the foodie in me is very, very happy. 

First up – Franco Manca for sourdough pizza and lemonade. There’s reviews proclaiming it as the “best pizza in Britain”. And Giulia (an Italian!) raved about it on her blog, so I knew it had to be good. Okay I’m no pizza expert, but it was bloomin’ tasty. I can safely say that, yes, it was the best pizza I have had in this country.

BrixtonVillage 01 BrixtonVillage 02

Yesterday, I hit up the Village again. This time, we opted for Honest Burgers, which also had extremely high expectations to live up to. I’ll cut to the chase and say this: they did not disappoint. My cheese burger was full of flavour, with perfectly-done and tender beef. But the real winner was the triple-cooked rosemary salted chips. My mouth is actually watering right now at the mere thought of them.

BrixtonVillage 03 BrixtonVillage 04 BrixtonVillage 05

Phew – I need a second here to recover from re-living that meal. To top the experience off, we finished at Lab G for dessert. I had pistachio and salted caramel gelato. The latter was to die for.

BrixtonVillage 06

I only brought one lens – the 50mm – which I didn’t feel I could use to convey the atmosphere of the Village. Instead, I used my Vivitar trashcam. Will have to post those after I finish that roll of film!

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  1. I am so glad to see that my post inspired someone to visit Brixton Village! I really love that place! :D
    Your photos are amazing, I think I need to learn a trick or two from you, to rescue my photos from the bad English light!

    • I totally fake it… my photos are all super-grainy! But thanks again for inspiring me to finally get off my lazy ass and explore Brixton ;)

  2. I love the tone and colour of the photos.
    I used to live in Brixton and I was never tempted to visit anything until now.

  3. Really love these images and the food really pops out of the images. The pizza mmmmmmmmmm! Good old Brixton.

  4. Hi Charlotte!!
    Your photos are amazing!
    And now I’m hungry…lol
    Keep on sharing you talent! ;)

  5. love your photos….especially ones of food:). I wanted to let you know that I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can see the details at my blog…www.monicadockery.wordpress.com:)

  6. Photos are brilliant! So magazine ready.
    And the pizzza ♥ *foood* *Homer Simpson*


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