13 September 2011

Piggy Mooncakes

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I spent 10 minutes wallowing in self-pity this morning, because this the first year in many that I’ve not been treated to my mum’s delicious home-made mooncakes. But then I thought “grow up, Char” and resolved to learn for myself. Here is a store-bought mooncake (am NOT prepared to pay £7 for a 3-inch squared cake that isn’t as good as my mum’s):

PiggyMooncakes 01

Searching for recipes nearly put me off completely. 99% out there involves a ‘mooncake mold’ and ‘mooncake sugar syrup’ (which apparently needs to be matured for months?) But I persevered and found the cutest recipe from Anncoo. So I made piggy mooncakes!

PiggyMooncakes 02 PiggyMooncakes 03

I see why molds exist now. It took me over an hour to craft 10 pigs. And Pig #10 looks far less creepy than Pig #1. I used a red bean filling instead of lotus seed paste, and oh boy are they tasty – even if I do say so myself.

PiggyMooncakes 04 PiggyMooncakes 05

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. Hi Char, I love your piggies. They look absolutely cute ! Fat, round and smiling face ~ Love it!!

  2. As I’m most probably not going to be able to come back to Europe this winter (again…), I might just steal this recipe for my Xmas dinner and call them Pantomime Piggies…

  3. these are so cute, char!! i would love to have a bite into one of these piggy heads :)

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog. Your piggies look cute, so innocent!!

  5. Never seen a piggie pastry before but suddenly the world seems like a betetr place! They are the cutest thing!! Well done you!


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